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Thanks to our work together with Jonathan and Diwy, we now have a predictable pipeline with high level appointments in key industries. This means we have deals with decision makers that want to work with us and can actually sign off on larger scale contracts and pilots. I recommend Diwy, if you are a tech company looking for a simple and straightforward method to secure outbound lead generation results that can scale at will.

Christophe LeHouedec

CEO & Co-founder Ayolab

Before working with Diwy and their team we were missing a clear, data-driven GTM strategy. While working with Alexis at Diwy, we became crystal clear on exactly who to reach out to, how to develop our messaging and what tech was needed. Today, we have enough confidence in our process to get in front of the audience we need to sell our solutions to. We look forward to ongoing work with Diwy.

Shannon Aylesworth

Founder & CEO Ursamin

Before working with Diwy our outreach efforts did not pay off and were random at best. Today we have a systematic approach to getting in front of the right decision makers in markets we want to be in for deals that make sense for us. I recommend Diwy if you're tired of hoping for sales and instead want a predictable path to sales and revenues.

Paul Riddick

CEO Little Sane Village

Diwy helped us get crystal clear on our positioning, identifying our ICP, find the leads, reach out to them and book sales meetings, most of which converted to deals. I recommend Diwy to any startup or even scaleup that has a hard time selling. My co-founder and I learned a lot in our workshops with them and changed our approach to demo's and selling.

Sami Yacoubi

COO Spacesense

45 days into the AAA Sales Hacker and I've already generated 15 appointments. With DiWy, you finally got a program that delivers on its promise. Took me 3 weeks to start my outreach. You don't need sales or tech knowledge to get the results you expect, just a clear value proposition and 2 hours to spare each week. The DiWy methodology is all about actionable coaching, great support!

Hugo Petit-Isaac

Founder LeSix

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